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We are a full service company that can handle all aspects of your multimedia project to ensure your success. From content creation to product fulfillment, we will strive to give you that XL treatment!


CDs : DVDs : Blurays

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We provide extremely fast turn times. We are conveniently located for personalized service. AND GREAT NEWS! We now offer DVD copy protection, Bluray authoring & Bluray duplication!


USB Flash Drives

Stand out and be noticed

Express yourself with unique data storage devices. These come in various shapes, colors & storage capacities. You can even customize them with your logo and contact information.


Video Services

Just hit PLAY

Our video expertise covers numerous formats. We offer editing, conversions and even closed captioning & subtitling.



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CD/DVD Duplication

We can duplicate any quantity up to 1000 within a matter of days! Simply provide us with the master & artwork and we'll do the rest. We offer full-color-on-disc printing and black-print-on-silver thermal printing.

Need help creating either the artwork or the master? We provide both graphic design and CD/DVD authoring services.

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CD/DVD Replication

More cost-effective for quantities of 1000 or more, replication takes approximately 7-10 business days. We can replicate numerous types of discs including DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18, CDs, 3" Mini DVDs and 3" Mini CDs.

Discs are printed using either full color offset printing (best for art using process colors) or silkscreen printing (best for pantone colors).

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Bluray Duplication

You no longer need to down-convert your HD videos to standard definition DVDs. We can burn Bluray discs on the spot! There's no minimum quantity and you won't need to wait weeks for your order. Just bring us your existing Bluray master or provide us with your HD video and let our video department author it for you.


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Mini Discs

Mini or shaped discs are a great alternative to the standard CD or DVD. These are popular handouts at tradeshows and conferences. They're also great substitutes for paper business cards.

Adhesive labels are used for short runs while larger quantities have printing directly on the disc.

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Copy Protection

We can create hardware-based copy protection for your videos burned on DVDRs. You don't have to encrypt your DVD and replicate more than you need just to have security.

When you need copy protection for your replicated DVD orders of 1000 or more, we offer CSS Encryption.

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CD/DVD Authoring

Whether you need a custom designed opening screen for CD, a simple autostart DVD, or a complex program with multiple menus and special features, we will work with you to create an attention-grabbing presentation.


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USB Flash Drives

This is a creative and effective way to distribute various quantities of assorted material, including PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, images, and videos.

USB Flash Drives come in different shapes and colors, different capacities, and you can add custom printing to them!

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Tape Duplication & Conversions

Do you need to archive old film, family movies, or corporate footage? Or do you need to duplicate broadcast quality tape? We work with multiple formats:
• VHS and VHS-C
• 8mm, Hi-8, and Digital 8
• Mini DV
• and many more!

For tape conversions, we can transfer your video onto DVD or provide you with a digital file.

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Standards Conversions

Do you need your video footage to play in another country? Or video from elsewhere to play here? We can convert from NTSC to PAL or SECAM, or visa versa, while maintaining the highest quality possible.


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Video Services

Our in-house skilled editors can add the finishing touches to your presentation from simple cuts to motion graphics. Then let us go the next step and put your project online or on a mobile device. Need it broadcast ready or on a DVD or USB Drive? We can take you through the process to get where you need to go.

Just leave it to us to provide the expertise for close captioning and subtitling. We can even transcribe your project.

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Scanning Services

Need your photographs, slides or documents scanned? Our technicians will provide the highest quality of service for scanning, cropping, color-correction, re-orientation, red-eye removal and minor damage of your images. We'll help you preserve those important documents or precious memories.


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Graphic Design

Let's face it: Looks Matter. Having a product that looks great increases brand recognition and strengthens your image. Let our in-house "people person" designer give you XL care with designs for USB drives, CD/DVD/BluRay face design, CD & DVD inserts and sleeves, Digipaks, flyers, postcards and letterheads.


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Custom printing gives your product a unique, professional look that can add substantial value to it. We can discuss how to enhance your presentation to insure the greatest impact.

We also offer generic options. From a simple paper sleeve to a full color DVD case, we can find the optimal packaging option for your product, whether it be paper & vinyl sleeves, c-shells, polycases, jewelcases or multipack disc cases.

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Printing Services

We know that often times the USB Drive or CD/DVD is part of a much larger package. We are equipped to be your one-stop shop from short to large runs, including USB drive printed inserts, CD/DVD sleeves, postcards, brochures, booklets and other marketing material.


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We have years of experience in handling small, medium and large multi-pack projects. Let us assist you with getting your product to market. We can set up your online shopping cart, collect orders and ship to anywhere in the world.


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    CD/DVD Authoring

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    USB Flash Drives

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    Tape Duplication & Conversions

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    Standards Conversions

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    Video Services

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    Scanning Services

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    Graphic Design

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    Printing Services

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At XL Multimedia, we pride ourselves on delivering XL impact! We are a full service company and can handle all aspects of your multimedia project to ensure that no stone goes unturned. From content creation to product fulfillment, we make sure that every aspect of your project is handled with care. So make the most of your multimedia project and give it the XL treatment!


ADRIAN RAY: Owner of XL Multimedia. Adrian received his Mathematics degree from the Texas A&M Corpus Christi. His technical and managerial experience of 25 years in the multimedia industry makes him one of the most experienced and capable people in our industry. With graphics and computer expertise, Adrian works with clients to achieve the end result they expect. His extensive knowledge allows him to provide clients with the highest level of service.

OSCAR FIGUEROA: Media Packaging and Fulfillment Services Manager. Oscar oversees projects that result in high customer satisfaction. An organized, problem-solver, customer-service oriented manager with over 25 years of experience. A top-rated quality control advocate who is proficient in both English and Spanish.




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